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Publishing Pride

I'm so proud to have books published (or soon to be) at Wild Ink Publishing and Conquest Publishing. To honor my fellow indie pub author siblings, I thought I would do a blog featuring 7 books that have LGBTQ+ characters. And of course it gives me a chance to shamelessly plug my own book, OLD PALMETTO DRIVE, which comes out a little later this month and features Rian Callusa, a queer teen socialite from New York who is forced to move to Everglades city after her parents nasty divorce. (If you're interested in winning a copy of my book, read my last blog for instructions).

I hope when you're looking to build your Pride Month #TBR list you'll think of adding some of these amazing titles to it.


by Kylie Wiggins

(buy here on Amazon)

Fear was not for the weak but for the intelligent who knew they were up against an unpredictable foe.

Eliza Hawke, the ice-wielding Princess of Keruna, has been married off to Will, the earth-wielding Prince of Mineros. The cruel and unfeeling place that is Mineros cares about power over anything else. As Eliza's days of forced betrothal go by, Will leaves his mark with bruises and veiled threats. Yet, through Eliza's misery, she finds solace within thePrincess of Mineros, Nissa.

Nissa, is a beam of light even on Eliza's darkest days. It is not until Will's coronation is almost in his grasp, Eliza and Nissa hatch a daring plan of escape. If the Prince is allowed control over the largest army in Catalina, then all will surely be lost.

As the two fight desperately to unite the kingdoms in their war against the Prince, a tale of danger and betrayal unfolds every step of the way.


by Shaelynn Long

(buy here on

Pansexual Olivia Beckett has lived through thousands of lifetimes, dispatching miscreant supernatural creatures alongside her sisters as the mythological trio of Furies. Memories of her past lives begin to appear and haunt her, and she starts questioning everything she thought she knew about her life and her duty. In the midst of a brewing war between the factions of Creatures, Olivia goes against all the rules and falls in love with a human, only to realize he may be connected to her mysterious past. Can she have it all, or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop the war?


by Lindsay Schraad Keeling

(pre-order coming soon)

Brooklyn Blatrix takes on a new job at the local funeral home after being dumped and fired in the same week. She strikes up a relationship with her supervisor, Brantley McAffey, in a hopeful attempt to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. However, Brantley has a secret he’s been keeping from everyone - a secret he’s willing to kill for. Brooklyn is about to find herself in the trenches of a trial by media before the year is over.


by J.K. Raymond

(buy here on Amazon)

"Hi there kittens, It's Karma. I just helped Morna save the Omniverse from yet another impending apocalypse. It wasn't my first, but funny thing about this turn on the merry go round, it was in fact my last! I've been at this game a long while. I'm not a stranger to these lands, I'd go so far as to say most of you lovelies know me. But do you? Karma is neither male nor female, she is whatever he wants to be, whenever they choose to be...get it? Got it? Good! But I've retired and now I'm just plain old Jane the bisexual human. A human that gets ravaged every night by their transgender boyfriend Loki.  Don't get your runes in a twist. How did you expect a shapeshifter to identify? I bet you never even thought about it did you...just a trickster was all, right? Anyhoo, since it's technically my first Pride Month as a queer human, I thought I'd wish you darlings a happy Pride! And let you in on a little secret...Karma’s always been on your side."


by Melanie Mar 

(pre-order on B&N)

Sol Yarrow didn't ask for much. A nice day for hunting. A peaceful shift at her gods-awful job. A steaming bowl of her aunt's famous stew. Easy. Simple.

After twenty-five years of simplicity, everything she thought to be true is rewritten when four strangers come to Yavenharrow and take her back to the kingdom of Rimemere, a shielded land inhabited by ruthless Elemental Magic Wielders. A land only known through rumors and bedtime stories.

A kingdom where her mother was Queen. A kingdom, by order of succession, now belonged to her. What would a human with no magic and a short temper have to offer the Wielders? Sol didn't think much.

Her Court thought otherwise.


by S.E. Reed

(pre-order on

Queer teen socialite Rian Callusa’s privileged NY life is over! Following her parent’s nasty divorce, and the death of her aunt & uncle, Rian’s mom drags her kicking and screaming all the way to Everglades City. Who cares if her new home is a mansion when it’s in the middle of nowhere without a nail salon or shopping mall in sight? And friends? Hell might as well freeze over before Rian would hang out with her hillbilly cousins. 

The news that her Dad won’t be returning to New York after his job abroad crushes any hope Rian had of moving back to the Big Apple. So without a plan B, Rian explores the swamp and learns her cousins aren’t as backward as they first appeared. She even falls head over heels for a cute vintage-loving local girl named Justine. Now that she thinks about it, this might turn out to be the best summer of Rian’s life! Until her cousin Travis gets drunk at a party and confesses the dark truth about what really happened on Old Palmetto Drive, sending Rian into a tailspin of fear and self-doubt.


by Magdalene Dietchka

(buy here on Amazon)

Jake Perlman’s fate changed forever as a child when a dam broke on the way to school, washing his bus over a bridge. Before the Angel of Death could claim him, a Shepherd named Omiel stole Jake from his fate. Now as a Stolen in his adulthood, Jake uses his powers under Omiel’s guidance to assemble his coterie, a group of Stolen with abilities like his.

Yael Taube learned in her youth she would become a Companion, the soulmate to a Stolen. After an unfortunate event finds Yael in the presence of her Stolen, Jake, things take motion.

Jake and Yael learn of their fates and see hope for their future. However, pulling the coterie together is anything but easy. Between their shared trauma, doubt in their fate, and evil beings called Sirens trying to harm them, the coterie’s future is anything but certain. Despite the Shepherds’ direction, there are dangers ahead. If the Stolen and their Companions come together too soon, it could lead to their undoing, but the world and the coterie are counting on their success.


Thanks for taking the time to check out some amazing #indieauthor books featuring LGBTQ+ characters.


S.E. Reed

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