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Winner, Winner, Fried Chicken Dinner

My next YA contemporary novel, OLD PALMETTO DRIVE, comes out on June 18, 2024 with Wild Ink Publishing, and I thought instead of doing a basic Goodreads Giveaway I’d do something with a little more glitz & glam. Just like my 16 year old main character, Rian Callusa, would do. That's right! I’m giving away a bottle of her favorite Dior Lip Glow Oil and a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses to one lucky winner!! 

That’s right! I’ve got five signed copies of OLD PALMETTO DRIVE ready to mail out to the lucky (US ONLY) winners. And one super fan will receive the ultimate #glam prize! 

All you have to do is follow these easy instructions: 

  • Like one of my posts displaying this contest on either X or TikTok

  • Share with your fans

  • Follow me!! (Because I’m such a delight)

Did you know “Like, Share, Follow” are the 3 words any teen influencer wants to hear? Now, I might not be a teen influencer, well duh, but my sassy main character, Rian– she’s an influencer in her own way, eating up her posh New York life and showing it off all over the city. She brunches, shops, parties and does all the things an trust fund girlie does. Snapping and posting pictures along the way. 

It’s no wonder Rian is devastated when she’s forced to move to Everglades City, Florida following her parent’s nasty divorce and the death of her aunt & uncle. Who cares if her new home is a mansion when it’s in the middle of nowhere without a nail salon or shopping mall in sight? And friends? Hell might as well freeze over before Rian would intentionally hang out with her hillbilly cousins, Sam and Travis.

Sigh… The news that her Dad won’t be returning to New York after his job abroad crushes any hope Rian had of moving back to the Big Apple. So without a plan B, Rian explores the Everglades and learns her cousins aren’t as backward as they first appeared. She even falls head over heels for a cute vintage-loving local girl named Justine, who might be even sassier than she is. 

Now that she thinks about it, this might turn out to be the best summer of Rian’s life! Until her cousin Travis gets drunk at a party and confesses the dark truth about what really happened on Old Palmetto Drive before she arrived, sending Rian into a tailspin of fear and self-doubt. 

Which everyone knows, stress is seriously bad for your complexion. So Rian better figure things out fast, or her life as a perfect influencing teen trust fund girlie will be as gone as a body decomposing in the swamp. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Do those 3 little things (Like, Share, Follow) and win yourself a copy to find out what really happens to Rian, Justine, Sam, Travis and all the critters and bodies on Old Palmetto Drive. 


S.E. Reed

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