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What the Hell is #PitMad?

If you’re a writer and you’ve been around the Twitter #writingcommunity for any amount of time, you’ve seen the hashtags for the upcoming #PitMad on December, 2 (8am to 8pm EST). This is a quarterly event, so don't stress if you aren't ready for this one. Another #PitMad will be right around the corner.

You may have a vague understanding of this hashtag; you know it has something to do with querying. But, if you aren’t in that stage of your writing process or you are already agented or published, you may scroll right on by those posts without giving them another thought!

However, if you are unagented, and looking for ways to continue be seen and grow your brand, you can participate in #PitMad. (For those with an agent, you can be a cheerleader for your fellow writers and SHARE the pitches you love!)

You can check out the Pitch Wars website HERE and the dedicated page to #PitMad. It has all the details and "real" directions on how to participate.

Okay, okay, relax! I can hear you yelling, “BUT WHAT THE HELL IS #PITMAD ANYWAY?”

#PitMad is a Twitter Pitch Event in which Literary Agents who are seeking new authors to represent, can scroll through and “Like” pitches they find interesting. If an Agent likes an author’s tweet with the #PitMad hashtag, they are inviting the author to submit a query and sample directly to them. Wait? What!

Yes, you heard me, this competition (if you’d like to call it that) gives writers a direct connection to an agent.

Of course, you should do your homework first. If a Literary Agent likes your post, you have no obligation to submit your work to them if they don’t seem like the right fit for you. It is your responsibility as an author to find an agent who is going to have your best interest and your novel's best interest at heart. It's okay to say no if the do not embody what you desire as a representative for your work.

Personally, I find these events a fun & quirky way to connect with other writers on Twitter. Just in the last week as I’ve been prepping for #PiMad I have made twenty-five new connections with real people in the writing world. I’ve shared tweets, put them on lists, read query letters and talked books! FAB! We are a "community" after all.

So— what are you waiting for? Start drafting those tweets and get your work seen!


S.E. Reed

p.s. If you really want to spice up your pitch, I've heard you can add Mood Boards, Emojis and Comp Books & Movie Titles to your tweet. Just remember, you have 280 characters to work with.

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