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3 Things Every New Writer Needs to Hear

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with your new "career"? Let me tell you a few things...

Okay-- so there are a ton of things new writers need to hear. Like, "You've got this!" and "YES! That scene was totally kick-ass!" But, if I had to boil it down to a few manageable mantras (which every writer should have taped to their bathroom mirror) then read on and take note.

Write for YOU

As a writer— your stories should bring you joy. The act of developing your characters and plots and putting them on paper should be exhilarating! The artful way you combine and twist the scenes together and the chills you get when it comes full circle is pure bliss. You should cherish these moments.

So, if you’re only writing the next great American novel because you feel some pressure to do so, well— put down the pencil and back away from the desk.

Write for you. Period. Love it.

This goes for the genre you are writing. If you have labeled yourself a Fantasy writer, but you are drawn more to Contemporary or Romance style prose, then follow your gut! Write an epic romantic story. Or a pop-culture YA novel. Don't be scared to change things up.

Let go of your fear

Fear is false evidence appearing real.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Seriously though, why are you so afraid of having "that" character do "that" thing? Insert whatever “that” is from your own writing. I promise if you take the leap, get out of your comfort zone, and write "it"— you’ll feel amazing! You are currently only limited by one thing-- and that’s yourself. So stop cramping your own style. Stop fearing your own power. Do the thing.

Find your Fan Club

We all want to feel valued and appreciated for the work we do. Musicians want adoring crowds belting out their tunes. Artists want to evoke thoughtful emotion through their paintings, sculptures, and creations. Writers are no different.

We want to have fans! We want to feel the love.

How does a new writer begin to develop a fan club? Well, you've got to get involved. Join Twitter's #writingcommunity or start a blog. Enter your work into reputable contests or anthologies. Search online communities and find groups for writers at local coffee shops or libraries. Use websites like The Writer's Workout or Reedsy to connect with other writers and find great industry news and information.

If you want to have fans someday when you are published— then you’ve got to put in some effort and start building up those die hards now!


S.E. Reed

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