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Author Interview with Shawn Amick

Eeeek! #FanGirl moment folks. If you know me, you know I love EPIC FANTASY and my dream is to publish my own epic series. Well, that might still be a pipe dream for me, BUT it's not a pipe dream for my next guest. The INSANELY talented Shawn Amick recently sat down with me to talk about his journey as an author and shared some insight into his intriguing mind. His epic fantasy novel, The Cruelty of Magic, releases in the Fall of 2025 with Conquest Publishing and you're not going to want to miss out on this HUGE moment. So add it to your #TBR before it's too late!

Thank you again for sitting down with me. Do you mind telling everyone a little about yourself?

Sure thing! By day, I’m the Director of Revenue for a wireless franchise. By night, I don a cape and commit crimes.

Honestly, the things people probably care about the most boil down to two points. First, I’m a massive Indy author supporter and host the Between the Pages Podcast, where I interview authors, agents, publishers, narrators and other professionals in the publishing industry.

The second point, and likely the one I should put first, is I’m an author of high fantasy. In particular, my stories are epic fantasy which border on grimdark.

At home, I have an amazing partner and we have an adorable kiddo who can be more frightening than my stories. 


So, what type of material do you usually write? 

Epic, dark fantasy. Currently, my book series (which was recently picked up by a publisher) features a bada** female main character, multiple points-of-view, and all the mythical beasties. 

I . . . . may have plans for a space opera.

Do you mind sharing what your writing and revision process look like? 


A few months ago I would have said I’m a pantser, but that’s definitely changed. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of plot structures such as: Save the Cat! The Three Act Structure, The Hero’s Journey, The Heroine’s Journey.

Well, I created my own by analyzing all of them. Haven’t published it, but I’m considering it.

In the edits of The Cruelty of Magic, I’ll be implementing  that structure before its release, as well as using it for my novels going forward.

It’ll still be pantsing, just pantsing with check marks. 

What is the hardest part about writing, in your opinion?

Comparisons. I write epic fantasy and, inevitably, I’m always compared to Tolkien—doesn’t help that I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo sleeve, he’s kind of my hero.

It’s hard to write and feel those shadows covering you. But, it becomes easier once you recognize the tree that is Tolkien is not casting a shadow on me, rather, we simply stand in the same orchard. 

I’m dying to know, what is your favorite thing about being a writer? 

This. Meeting new people who are interested in my stories, and who allow me to discuss them. To find genuine interest in a creative space without the hidden attempts of expectations of reciprocation is a rare thing. When you find those of curious and willing heart, it’s warming.

What advice do you have for new authors? 

Take your time, and I don’t mean this in a virtuous way.

The thought which will invade the thought of the young writer is that your audience must be captured now, or else you risk losing time, and possibly success.

This is not true. Your audience will be there, waiting and ready. And they will be thankful you took the time to deliver your best product. 

If you start feeling rushed, take time for yourself.

Do you have any links or resources you’d like to share about writing or for your own materials? 

Books I would recommend for writing: On Writing by Stephen King, The Elements of Style by E. B White.

A video series I found essential to my growth was Brandon Sanderson’s creative writing course at BYU . . . . WHICH IS FREE AND ON YOUTUBE. 

Masterclass, which offers courses given by a plethora of authors (my favorite was Neil Gaimen) was also hugely important to my success.

Okay, so last, but not least–who is your personal favorite author? Or what is your favorite book? 

Tolkien. Tolkien. Tolkien. Did I mention Lord of the Rings? Children of Hurin? Beren and Luthien is the greatest romance ever written and I won’t have a discussion suggesting otherwise.

Make sure to follow Shawn for more amazing author advice and to hear about his upcoming releases.

If you enjoyed this interview, make sure to check out some of the others I've done over the years. And if you're interested in being a guest, just reach out. I'm around.



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