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Some 2024 Open Calls

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE to write a lot. Like A LOT. In any given week, I can be working on 3-5 different projects. Be it short stories, novels, poems, editing, blogs, etc. 

You name it, I’m probably writing it. 

But seriously, as much as I write, I’m always looking for new (or old and comforting) places to submit my work. And I like to share. So here’s a list of some places I’ve been eyeballing, and now you can too. Happy writing in 2024. May all your author dreams come true. Or at least, may the words flow freely. 

I’ve narrowed down a list of interesting submission opportunities… Please go check them out yourself for the details (word count, age range, more theme specifics). 

All of these opportunities are free to submit. A few are even paying markets. 

Print Anthology 

Theme: Middle Grades historical, contemporary, and futuristic materials

Due by: January 15

Online Literary Journal

Theme: Feminist Folklore, Tales, Retellings

Due by: January 31

Print Anthology

Theme: Bigfoot

Due by: February 1

Print & Online Literary Journal

Theme: Mythology - Retellings or newly created

Due by: February 20

Print Anthology 

Theme: Monster Hunters

Due by: January 31

Theme: Mermaids

Due by: February 29

Print Anthology

Theme: Mars Colonization 2033

Due by: March 31

Print Anthology

Theme: Tarot Cards

Due by: April 1

Print Anthology

Theme: Horror Stories

Due by: May 1 

The biggest advice I can give you when submitting to an open call– make sure you follow the instructions! Does it call for single space or double? Is your story in the right word count range? Do they want your name on or off the first page? By taking your time to submit properly, you survive the first round of eliminations, which is based on the non-story stuff. 

If your work is selected for publication, make sure to let me know! I love to support and shout out my fellow writing friends. 


S.E. Reed

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