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Look No Further! Submission Opportunities in 2023

Do you have a flash, short story or novel ready for publication? Are you struggling to figure out where to submit now that the calendar year has flipped to 2023?

Look no further, I’ve found some current open calls that are calling your name

Chicken Soup for the Soul - They pay (HOORAY!) and they have a bunch of open topics. Like cats. And other rad stuff.

The Co-op Anthology - Not paying, but you get your story in PRINT if it’s selected for their annual anthology. You got something weird? Send it. (Not gonna brag, but I might have had a story published in last year's Rabbit Hole V Anthology... Oh, you want to buy it? Well then head on over to Amazon and do a thing.

Dragon Soul Press - Competition may be fierce for a spot, good thing they publish one anthology a month and give you plenty of notification of what they are looking for. The next full year of offerings is live. From Mermaids to Vampires and everything in between.

Southwest Missouri State Press - Do you have a connection to the Military? Did you serve? Are you on active duty or a spouse? Maybe in the reserves or a veteran? If so, this anthology wants to hear from you.

The Writer’s Workout - Open call for the Wayword Literary Journal, on topic for both fiction and non-fiction. Monthly topics change and you get plenty of notice on what they are looking for. Side note– they are one of my all time favs!

Paper Angel Press - Anthology of speculative fiction, specifically this anthology is looking for something sea related… Ahoy mateys, fear not! Paying and contributor copy available… big plus!

Weird Little Worlds Press - Full length novel submissions open for fantasy, science fiction or maybe a little mix of both. I dunno, go crazy! Do you have a YA or Adult novel ready for publication, but you just haven’t found the right home for your weird characters. BINGO. Submit today.

These are just a smattering of opportunities where you can submit your work in 2023 (there’s literally hundreds of open calls right now). But, I’ve found that by picking a few that seem interesting and manageable, I can focus my writing energy and feel confident in what I’m working on and working towards, which is producing high quality fictional worlds. Hopefully you'll feel that way too and narrow down your own search.

PRO TIP... If you’ve never stepped outside the comfort of the novel you’re writing in order to experience submitting to a small press, anthology or literary journal, I’m telling you– you’re truly missing out. Not only can you have a shorter version of your work out in the world, but you can meet new writing friends and fans, you get to know what it’s like to work with an editor and you'll experience the highs and lows of acceptances and rejections.

It’s truly an honor to be chosen for publication and I wish you all the best!

As always, let me know how your writing journey is going over on the Twitterverse @writingwithreed.


S.E. Reed

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1 Comment

Apr 19, 2023

Hey, thanks for this list! I'm going to bookmark it and check them out. I like your website. I need to think about getting an author site, so I'll have to pick your brain about how you developed one.

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