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Finding my Author(ish) Voice

Recently I was asked to speak about my debut YA novel, MY HEART IS HURTING, on the Author(ish) Podcast, hosted by Amy Nielsen and Dana Hawkins.

Let me tell you-- I was sooooo nervous. I mean, as an author, we use written words to tell stories. Speaking in real life, well, it can be scary. There's no delete, no backspace... you just have the words pouring out of your mouth at full speed.

Fortunately, Amy and Dana were kind enough to provide me with some questions ahead of time to prepare my thoughts and keep me focused. It was a great exercise to think about my book, my writing process, and my journey as an author and I would advise any debut author to do a little soul searching before your first interview.

Because guess what?

There will be interviews! I've already been asked to speak on two more podcasts and in one online interview, just since my episode with Amy and Dana released a few days ago.

Things to rehearse:

  1. Bio - Now is the time to prepare how much you are willing to share about your personal life with your fans.

  2. Book inspiration - What's the story behind your story?

  3. What does your writing process look like? - Do you pants or plot? Do you edit as you write? Do you use Beta and/or Alpha readers?

  4. What's next? - Do you have other books in the pipeline you're willing to discuss?

  5. Tips for aspiring writer? - Everyone wants to know your magical writing fairy dust.

  6. Miscellaneous - I sent a headshot, my book blurb, and some other basic information per the interviewer request.

So, how'd I do? Drop a line below and let me know what you think. Could you tell how nervous I was? Did I give any advice or tips you find helpful?


Check out the blurb for my upcoming debut YA novel, MY HEART IS HURTING, coming out this July by Wild Ink Publishing.

Jinny Buffett is lonely…

She’s never had the comfort of a white picket fence with a loving family. Her subsidized apartment in Hollywood Florida echoes with the void of her dead Daddy, and the nights drag long into twilight while her Mama works the block outside the Margaritaville resort.

It’s idealistic Ms. Fleming, who’s brave enough to come knocking first. She wants to see Jinny rise up and use her ace scores to escape the wheel of poverty, convincing Jinny to start a school book club, where she finds the friends and boyfriend she never knew she needed.

But when her Mama spirals out of control and threatens her entire existence, it’s Jinny’s Everglade ancestors who arrive in a mist of magic, bringing the swamp and hope with them.

Thanks for listening! And don't forget to pre-order your copy of my debut novel.


S.E. Reed

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