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Author Interview with Arini Vlotman

Eeeek! I am super pumped to bring you this next #AuthorInterview with the fabulous romance author Arini Vlotman. Her upcoming debut novel, Pretty Average, is anything BUT average! This contemporary romance is exactly what we've all been searching for and launches in March 2024. That's like soooo soon! Once you read more about Arini, you're sure to love her as much as I do.

And can we all take a moment of silence to marvel at her cover! Perfection!

Arini, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Thank you for having me! Well, I'm a romance fanatic, bookworm, book hoarder and writer. Writers are my superheroes; readers are my tribe. I’m a people’s person and a wordy nerd so I can find comfort in almost any space but there is nothing quite like being at home with my husband, son and fur babies. Living in Johannesburg, South Africa has given me a slightly quirky worldview- we laugh at ourselves all the time here so sometimes my sense of humour doesn’t translate into my words. Be kind, I think I’m funny!

One my favourite hobbies is Fangirling (is that a thing?). Musicians, books, movies or obscure characters, when I find something that I love I delve into that world like Harry Potter diving into the Whomping Willow. 

What does your writing and revision process?

I write on my phone. I’ll open a word document and as soon as the family is in bed I’ll just write. I’m always formulating ideas for moving my current WIP forward but I’ve found that I need to be structured and disciplined when I write. Then I allow my creativity to flow. Once I've gotten the story banged out, I go into a much more detailed process. It’s a bit backwards, but then I plot each storyline and scene and determine where I need to revise. I enjoy this part of the writing process almost as much as the initial creation of the story- it allows me to look at the characters from a different lens.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I honestly enjoy the idea that I never know where each character will take me. I’ll have a detailed picture in my mind and 20k words later I’ll be in a different direction. As a writer, I can make and break the rules (most of them).

The second element is connecting with other writers and readers. I used to believe that writing was an isolating experience, but now that I’ve dived into the writing community, I’ve learnt that while I may be typing out the words on my own, I can still share my journey and ask for help. The bookish community is welcoming and that speaks to my soul.

What advice do you have for new/debut authors?

I could write reams of advice, but each person has a different journey. Embrace your own path. Ask for help, there is always someone that will step up. And last, always work on learning more and getting better.

What is your favorite book?

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Reading this book inspired me to become a writer and every year I start the entire series in December and end in January. So I end the year on a good note and start the year with all the feels!

Can you tell us about your book, Pretty Average?

Yes! I would love to!

When Esha asks for excitement, getting thrown in the deep end of a corporate scandal is not what she meant. Esha More is celebrating her 35 th birthday and her quick fix of hair dye and champagne only leaves her with a hangover and more problems.  

After a series of unfortunate decisions, Esha arrives at her office to discover she’s embroiled in an embezzlement scheme with all evidence pointing in her direction.  

Kane Mittal has been called in as a consultant to manage yet another crisis and finds himself both intrigued and suspicious of Esha’s More’s involvement. Kane has enough women making demands, but after Esha tumbles into his life he can’t stop thinking about her. 

On a mission to save Esha’s career and Kane’s family business, together they navigate an inept flock of managers while faced with a mounting deadline, their powerful attraction, and a Pandora's box of secrets. 

Join Esha and Kane in their adventurous meet-cute, a workplace romance filled with laughter and a hefty dose of intrigue.

Where can people find you?

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are my main platforms. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with the bookish community.

Make sure to add Arini’s debut book, Pretty Average, to your #TBR list. It lands in March 2024 with Conquest Publishing

Well, thanks again for checking out my website and learning more about my author friends. Let me know how your own writing journey is going-- because the #writingcommunity is more fun when we share!


S.E. Reed

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