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7 Opportunities to Submit your Writing

There’s a slew of new opportunities each month for submitting your short stories. That is, if you know where to look. I have my favorite places to check-out and narrowed down my list to seven interesting submission opportunities in October and November.

FYI - these are all free to submit, which is an extra bonus!

So, what are you waiting for? Join me in the excitement of furiously writing a new story or dust off that partial you were working on last spring. Whatever you do, just don’t miss an opportunity to submit your work. Need some ideas? Check out my post on writing something magical.

Sometimes having a deadline and a little pressure is just the right medicine you need to finish a work of art! Or a terrifying tale. You decide!

Just click on the opportunity that sounds interesting and read the submission guidelines carefully to decide if it's right for you.

Literary Journal

Theme: Space

Due by: November 20

Literary Journals

Theme: Toybox

Due by: October 10

Theme: Midwinter Despair

Due by: November 10

Middle Grades Anthology

Theme: Astronomy, Sci-Fi, Cosmos

Due by: November 1

Contest for Publication

Theme: Halloween Horror Comedy

Due by: October 21

Online Literary Journal

Theme: Spooky Halloween

Due by: October 16

Online Literary Journal

Theme: Ghost

Due by: October 25

Online Literary Journal

Theme: Feminist Folklore

Due by: October 31

#WritingCommunity If anything you submit is selected for publication, make sure to give me a shout so I can support your work. On the Twitterverse @writingwithreed.


S.E. Reed

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