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6 Websites for Writers

There are many resources online for new and established writers. Some websites have basic free memberships. While others have more advanced functionality that you can pay for. It is important to spend some time researching what sites will be right for you before you jump into paying monthly subscriptions on multiple platforms.

Here's a list of 6 websites I have bookmarked and use regularly. Check them out when you have some downtime between novels!

Reedsy calls itself an ecosystem for writers with features for writers every step of the way. There is a marketplace to find editors, designers, ghostwriters and more. There is a blog with helpful information, free learning modules, writing tools, weekly writing prompts and contests for writers. They even have a tool to help generate character names!

(Check out my page of short stories S.E. Reed on Reedsy)

Publishers Marketplace offers a paid membership that gives you access to thousands of literary agent and publisher listings. Their site provides guidance of what agents are looking for to help you draft the perfect query letter. Publishers Marketplace sends out daily/weekly news emails with industry news. One of their best features is the "deals" page which provides information on what books have been purchased for publication.

WriteHive is an excellent little non-profit site with free resources for writers. They have a popular Discord, a blog with advice from industry leaders and free writing events-- all with a strong sense of community. A must for new writers!

If you want to improve your writing and get organized while you do it, then this is a website you cannot miss! The Writer's Workout offers both free and subscription services (paid services are very reasonably priced). They offer writing prompts, anthologies, an achievement tracker, a blog and a slew of other services helpful for any writer in any stage.

This site is really built around the idea of social networking. Founded as the National Novel Writing Month, it was a call to action for writers at all stages in their career to write a novel in one month (November). Every year the call still exists. But, in the meantime, you can participate in all sorts of events and use their resources to improve your writing.

Follow my current project on #NaNoWriMo.

Duotrope is a site with membership subscription. The type of writer you are will determine your features. Key items: publisher & literary agent search tools, submission tracker, daily news and access to interviews with agents. Great all-in-one site if you plan to pay for a membership.


There are hundreds of online sites for writers. And with some research and time you will find the ones that work best for you. Check out a few more of my favorites and let me know what you think.


S.E. Reed

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