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250 Word Micro-Fiction

You might think-- what's the point?

Can you really tell an impactful story in 250 words? Can you really evoke a feeling, a setting, a set of characters that feel real and truthful? Well, the answer is YES you can. As writers we get the pleasure of using as many or as few words as we want to tell a story.

Poetry is a perfect example.

Song lyrics are another prime example.

Both poetry and song lyrics, generally short in form, but are powerful in their ability to create emotions quickly and accurately.

The goal of micro-fiction is very similar. Instead of using stanzas and lyricism to shape the way we hear the words, a micro story puts the reader directly into the story. You have to quickly describe the scene-- build momentum, heighten the stakes, give backstory, cause a gasp, some tears; all within a few hundred words.

Crazy right?

Think you're up for it? I dare you to try! I recently participated in a 250 Word Micro-Fiction Challenge with NYC Midnight Challenges. Sadly, my piece did not make it to the next round. However, my feedback showed the delight from the judges.

"This story is as unexpected and unpredictable as it is creative and inventive."

Maybe my story will inspire you to write your very own 250 Word Micro-Fiction. Good Luck!


The Sins of the Father

“The day just started! What’s the trouble here?” Mrs. Newman questioned the occupants of her office when she entered.

A black eye.

Bloody nose.

The air, thick with rage and preteen sweat. “Well?” She asked, daring one or both to explain themselves. But Jasper and Hunter were silent. “Do I have to call him this time?” Mrs. Newman threatened, pulling out her file on the Knox brothers. It was fat; stuffed full of detention slips and failing report cards.

Jasper started laughing.

“Mister Knox, I don’t see what’s so funny about calling your Father. Fighting is not tolerated at this school!” Mrs. Newman exclaimed. That got Hunter laughing too. The boys looked back and forth from one another to the Principal, laughing harder and harder with each glance. Until their laughter turned back into rage.

“It’s his fault,” Jasper accused.

“Yeah, stupid prick,” Hunter added.

“Who’s fault?” Mrs. Newman was confused.

The phone on her desk rang. “I’m in a meeting,” she answered. “Yes… Okay… Well send him in and find Torrez.” She hung up the receiver.

The boys jumped when Mr. Knox flung open the door.

“You little SOB’s-- run off and come tattle on me to your Principal? You think she's gonna save you?”

“Daddy NO!” Hunter screamed as the belt came down on Jasper.

“Mr. Knox stop that!” Mrs. Newman screamed.

“Mind your own fucking business, these boys got what’s coming to ‘em!”

“And so do you,” School Resource Officer Torrez pulled the trigger on his taser.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my punchy short story. Let me know what you think on Twitter @writingwithreed. And if you have the guts to write one for yourself, let me know. I'd love to read your #microfiction story.


S.E. Reed

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